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MagicMic™ Mini Powerbank

MagicMic™ Mini Powerbank

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What do I get?

Our MagicMic™ Mini Powerbank includes your Mini Powerbank in your desired color and high-quality packaging.


Operating System: iOS & Android (Type-C)
Colors: Black & Pink- Powerbank
Weight: 93g
Powerbank Size: 83x27x41mm
Battery Capacity: 5000mAh
Battery Life: 6 hours
Input Voltage: 5V

30 days guarantee

At MagicMic™, we believe in making some of the most innovative and trendy smartphone products in the world. To back up that belief, we offer a risk-free 30-DAY GUARANTEE that you can count on.


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  • Michael T.

    The Mini Powerbank is an absolute must-have! With its compact size, it fits easily in any pocket and provides enough power to charge my smartphone several times. The charging time is fast. I am completely satisfied!

  • Maya L.

    The MagicMic™ Mini Powerbank has become my constant companion. It has a high capacity and allows me to charge my phone on the go without worrying about running out of battery. I highly recommend it!

  • Frank U.

    The MagicMic™ Mini Powerbank is a convenient and reliable device. I'm on the go a lot and this powerbank has made my day several times by quickly charging my phone. A great investment!


✅ Mobile Application

✅ Universal Compatible (iOS & Android)

✅ Emergency Backup & Rechargeable

✅ Eco-Friendly

✅ Safe Without Overheating

✅ 30 Days Warranty


The MagicMic™ Mini Powerbank is a convenient and portable way to charge electronic devices on the go. It is compatible with all major operating systems (iOS & Android) and can also be used as an emergency backup as it is rechargeable. Mini power banks are especially suitable for people who travel a lot and need to charge their devices on the go, as their size and power make them an excellent choice.


The MagicMic™ Mini Powerbank is a portable and universally compatible on-the-go charger that's available anytime, anywhere. Thanks to its emergency backup function and rechargeability, you no longer have to worry about dead batteries. The Mini Powerbank is also environmentally friendly and protects your devices from overheating. With its compact size, it's the perfect solution for people who travel a lot and need to keep their electronic devices charged at all times.


Otherwise, you will get your money back + 30 days risk-free trial.

We believe in our MagicMic™, as well as our numerous customers. If you are unexpectedly not satisfied, you can simply return your package within 30 days.


What is a MagicMic mini powerbank, and how does it work?

A MagicMic mini powerbank is a compact, portable device that stores electrical energy in its built-in rechargeable battery. When your electronic device's battery runs low, you can connect it to the powerbank via a USB cable. The powerbank transfers stored energy to your device, effectively charging it and extending its usage time.

How do I charge the mini powerbank itself?

You can charge the mini powerbank by connecting it to a standard USB charger or any device with a USB port, such as a computer or wall adapter. Simply plug the provided charging cable into the powerbank's input port and the other end into the power source. The powerbank's battery will gradually charge, indicated by LED lights or other indicators.

How long does it take to charge my devices using the mini powerbank?

The charging time of the powerbank is 6 hours and it can fully charge you phone within 1-3 hours, depending on your phone.

Can I use the MagicMic mini powerbank while it's charging?

Yes. This means you can charge the powerbank itself while simultaneously using it to charge your devices. Keep in mind that using pass-through charging might slightly extend the overall charging time for both the powerbank and your device.

Is it safe to use a mini powerbank with all types of devices?

Generally, mini powerbanks are safe to use with a wide range of devices that charge via USB.